Yea, if you look at the license statements from the 80s and early 90s from USENET and the BBS scene, you'll see
that evolution playout. If you subscribed to the 'trade rags' of the 80s, you'd find them talking about Copyright some,
but not much about licensing, so there were a huge number of 'licenses' that we'd laugh at today as being
totally insane / unenforceable / unclear / etc... There were also some presentations at DECUS in the mid 80s
(and maybe earlier) on the topic as well as their distribution of tapes got large enough...

There was also a pointer to Jeremy C Reed's
as well as his book on BSD history (which I'd love to get a copy of).
It wasn't clear if it had been published or not from the link

I'd love to see John's handout...


On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 8:51 AM Rich Salz <> wrote:
The community used to be much more ignorant/naive about copyrights. It wasn't until the GPL and the CSRG conversion to GCC and Gilmore's "free the tree" efforts there that copyright was really seen as anything other than a claim of ownership. I'd also add the Apache Foundation and their CLA agreements. Anyone have a copy of John's handout from early Usenix conferences? :)