Been on MacOS + SmartOS for DayJob + home since 6 years (actually migrated from Linux to SmartOS for measurable performance gains and containers model).  Pretty happy sailing other than having to modify a lot of Chef recipes to accommodate different paths...
  New day job is Gnu/Linux, boring as that may seem..  But they offered remote, so, you know..  

Oh, and also, FreeBSD for the Raspberry Pis.  Has native zfs!


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On 9/20/2017 2:33 PM, Brad Spencer wrote:
Arthur Krewat <> writes:

Don't make me cry in my coffee :(
No need to cry..  at Dayjob we run Joyent SmartOS, which is Solaris done
by a bunch of former Sun folks.  Oracle need not apply..  There is a
private cloud infrastructure running a very large e-commerce site on it.
You may want to look into SmartOS or OmniOS if you want more of a
desktop experience.  Patches and pretty good support....  all around.

Thank you for that. Eventually, I was going to ask the list if they knew of a decent version of Solaris that would fill my needs.

I'll take a look.