Dan Siewiorek and Gordon Bell authors with Allen Newell of "Computer Structures: Principles and Examples"  (a.k.a. SBN) - until Hennesy and Patterson wrote their book, was popularly used by the schools that taught computer architecture.  [You can download a PDF from Gordon web site if you search for it] The book has copies of some of the most famous papers on computer architecture, among other things. Gordon was still on CMU's faculty part-time when he was at DEC when I was a student. 

I'm one of the many legacies of the over 50 years of teaching by Dan Siewiorek -- remember in the 1970s there was an infamous band (named after an interesting object BTW).  His students sometimes referred to him as Steely Dan as a term of endearment.  I think he has been emeritus for a number of years, but he still comes (walks) to work most days and still is part of the grad systems seminar. In fact, the last time I saw him, he had asked me to come to be a guest lecturer.  Funny, I rarely get nervous before a talk, and I have had some interesting and infamous people in my audience asking questions.  But doing a  talk for someone who had been my undergrad advisor and I so revered did make me so. I wanted to do right for him.


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> IIRC, Gorden & Steely Dan's infamous architecture course at CMU ....

"Steely Dan"? Tell me that's a double entendre....

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