One thing I will say is the pricing I see on some of this stuff on eBay, Biblio, etc. implies to me the fact that much of this old documentation is available as PDFs in various corners of the internet has not really phased the pricing on the collectors market.

I'm glad I haven't run into the same problems I used to encounter in video game prototype research.  There've been pretty nasty flame wars in those communities over the years regarding preservation diminishing the value of unique video game artifacts sitting collecting dust in someone's closet.  Sometimes you'd get in a bidding war with someone that literally derives from their desire to specifically see the item in question kept as obscured from public knowledge as possible, just so they can claim the superiority of owning it or bank on selling it later.  Shockingly, a singular, unique physical item is still going to be sought even if the data or information it contains is known.

But I digress, I must appreciate the cordiality of folks with regards to this research stuff.  I can't say I've had anyone come complaining to me that something I documented tanked their cartridge-based retirement fund...

- Matt G.
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Howdy folks, I was perusing old copies of ;login: and came across a note about the BSTJ UNIX issue in the August 1978 newsletter:

What I find particularly amusing is that all UNIX licensees at the time of that publication allegedly were provided a copy free of charge. The text goes on to indicate additional copies can be purchased for a measly $1.50.

$3000 dollars...quite shocking, although perhaps they're banking on the uniqueness of that little sleeve, I've never seen one of those with a BSTJ issue before. Was that some sort of packaging the issues were delivered in? It has the Bell Logo in the little window on either side, so I want to believe it's original and not something someone threw together after the fact.

In any case, I suspect part of the low pricing is due to Bell anti-trust stuff, as they really moved on nickle and diming on documentation once they were legally able to. In any case, I'm always shocked to see how much I paid for something in my archival efforts and then I find a price sheet only to find out someone bought a book back in the day for the cost of a burger and fries. While I'm pursuing documents for research purposes...I may be inadvertently building myself quite the value store without even meaning to...

I bought mine in the couple of years for like $20. I think $3k is delusional. They range from $25-$250 in the last year for 'offered' price, mostly in the < $100 range for the ones that sell...