On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 8:41 PM Bakul Shah <bakul@bitblocks.com> wrote:
The first thing I do on a new machine is to install nvi. Very grateful to
Keith Bostic for implementing it. I do use multiple windows — only
horizontal splits but that is good enough for me as all my terminal
windows are 80 chars wide. Not a vim hater but never saw the need.
I pretty much do the same thing. I think what I hate about vim is that it's almost, vi but not the same. My fingers screw up when I use it.  For instance, he 'fixed' undo.   I guess I learned my lesson from my time at UCB.  Henry Spencer once said, "BSD 4.2 is just like UNIX, only different."  I rather see something new and completely different than changing behavior that people rely upon.