When everyone was reading iron man, spider man, x-men I was the weirdo reading “What if?”


Sure tcpip scales, but it wasn’t the first, nor the last..  Much like many of these old systems, owning one is far from practical, let alone a functioning one, but emulation is so convenient.


Just as dynamips is another great hero of emulation, bringing all kinds of networking topologies into play.


I guess it's also a break from the x86_64/arm64 boring of the day to day.


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jsteve@superglobalmegacorp.com writes:

> Please post updates as you go!!!


Sure, at least it's both historical and Unix.


The CH11 device is for all SIMH Unibus computers, so VAX, PDP-11, and

PDP-10 (KS1).  There supposedly were patches for PDP-11 Unix too, but I

haven't seen them so far.


> I'm always interested in obsolete dead ends like this !


Why oh why is there such a high correlation between archaic obsolete

systems and sheer hacking joy?  I'm just dying to have MagicSix on

Chaosnet, but it's not to be.