RR and the ISC products were different.  RR was done in Billerica, MA and ran a variant of SunOS [FWIW: some of the RR guys came to Stellar work on the HW team].   

ISC did the 386 port for Intel/ATT/IBM much earlier than that.   Later, as was pointed out, Sun ended up with the IP when they bought it from Kodak.

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> > Did Sun have anything to do with that? I seem to recall something
> > called "Interactive Unix" for the 386, possibly marketed by Sun...
> "Interactive Unix" was pretty nice back than.
> Anybody remembers ESIX? Still have the document wall for that ...
> Cheers

Sun had a '386 based system in early 90s-ish called the Road Runner.
I never saw it. It ran SunOS 4.x and I think was discontinued by the
time Solaris 2.x came along.

And, I *do* remember ESIX. We used it for our product at a startup
company I worked for. Initially System V R3 based, IIRC, and then
eventually SVR4; I think we saw an improvement moving to the
BSD fast file system.