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If that's the MIPs code base, it is likely to not be there.  I could be forgetting something, but I remember that DECnet was released for the MIPS products.   It was on Tru64 and Ultrix, but is a 'layered product' so you needed a license to install it and it needed to be a late enough version that had switched to exposing a full OSI stack.

That said, I do not remember/know how well it functioned talking to any OSI stack other than DECs.

OSF/1 for MIPS wasn't actually a beta but it might as well have been.  It was slow, it was buggy, and DEC dropped support for it fairly quickly after it was released.  It was never ported to any of the R4k machines.  Customers were not happy.  Anyway, the official release announcement ( https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!original/bit.listserv.esl-l/BovGe3q9yWE/cqlcCYfxmbAJ ) mentions a few layered products, none of which I have ever seen in the wild.  No OSI implementation is mentioned.
Looking through a list of layered products for Ultrix from mid-1994, I see a few OSI-related things:

        DEC OSI Application           1.1    GZSAA
        Developer's Toolkit

        DECnet/OSI for ULTRIX         5.1A   YT9AA

        OSI Application Toolkit       5.1A   OSIAP_RISC

        DECnet/OSI for ULTRIX         5.1A   716AA

        OSI Application Toolkit       5.1A   OSIAP_VAX

If you want more documentation on any of these, contact me off-list.


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I have OSF/1 1.0 running on gxemul …


Any idea on where/ how to configure OSI?



OSF/1 Release 1 (OSFMIPS) console


login: root

Last login: Thu Aug 29 06:03:07 on console

DEC OSF/1 V1.0 (Rev. 166); Sun Jun 07 19:23:34 CDT 1970

DEC OSF/1 V1.0 Worksystem Software (Rev. 161)


# find / -name 'osi*' -print



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>Speaking of OSI stacks, I know 4.4BSD Lite came with some fragments of

>one. OSI's dead and hardly mourned these days, but did anyone in the

>Unix world ever get beyond the 4.4BSD fragmentary implementation?


There was ISODE


I recall experimenting with it but didn't actually use it in anger.


I know that DEC/Compaq/HP Tru64 Unix (nee OSF/1) came with a OSI stack -

we had customers who wanted/used FTAM and I was surprised to find it

came with the OS.



Peter Jeremy