Since at least some of you are in contact with bwk, and since I haven't seen it mentioned here, can someone please pass along a typo correction with some semantic value?  The RTM worm was 1988, not '98.

And when you do, please pass along my appreciation for his kind words about Mike Mahoney (my former thesis advisor, RIP) at the back when he was talking about his sources.

And since Lee was mentioned in bwk's book...does anyone here know for sure that Lee and Melinda Varian are still alive, and would they have contact info for them they would be willing to share?  I worked for Melinda for a while but have fallen out of touch.


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Norman Wilson <> wrote:

> ISBN 9781695978553, for anyone who wants to know that.
> I see it for sale on and, paperback, `Independently
> published.'  Does anyone know if it is likely to appear in bricks-and-mortar
> bookshops any time soon?
> Norman Wilson
> Toronto ON

BWK used Create Space, which is Amazon, to self publish. So, I suspect
that it won't be in brick-and-mortar shops.  They may can order for
you but in that case it'd probably be more expensive than just ordering
it yourself.

Mine arrived today. Yippie.