On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 1:57 PM Greg A. Woods <woods@robohack.ca> wrote:
As an aside, the DEC VT100 terminal was an early (it came out a year before X3.64)
Yup, It was spec'ed at least a year ahead and its the code was committed before the standard was even in a draft vote.

and relatively complete (for a video terminal application) implementation of X3.64.
Although different from and the missing stuff was a bear.  Originally, VT100 !=  X3.64       which has caused many issues over the years.  The big issue was the lack of a proper insert/delete, it used scrolling regions instead.  Kudos to Mary Ann for working through that whole mess years ago!  That's why back in the day, I preferred the H19 and later the Ambassador ;-)

My memory is that was ECMA that got the DEC changes/differences added/put back/made legal.  But originally, there were not.   At one point, I had a copy of the internal DEC documentation (which I think I got from Tom Kent who wrote much of the rom code and had been on the committee for DEC at one point, but I don't remember).