On Saturday, February 3, 2018, Donald ODona <mutiny.mutiny@india.com> wrote:
Happy birthday, Ken, inventor of Unix, Father of Unix!

Exactly.  He is the true father of UNIX.
I always admired Ken's passion for minimalism and elegant, simple solutions to IT problems.  Ed(1) will always be the most beautiful editor ever written.

Besides Go I have not seen him getting involved with other projects recently though and the world needs him now more than ever...

Linux and FreeBSD are now two monstrous trolls, bloated and extremely complex and large.

Plan 9 is dead.  MINIX is dying too...

It seems UNIX fate is doomed.  The only last remaining production quality UNIX that still maintains minimalism as one of its goals is probably OpenBSD these days...

I am glad Rob and Ken gave us Go.  It breathed a new life into the complex world of writing software.

Happy Birthday, Ken.