It’s embarrassing to mention this, but I thought I’d share.


I’ve always wondered what on earth a TAHOE was, as they disappeared just about as quickly as they came out.  As we all know that they were instrumental from separating out the VAX code from 4.3BSD in the official CSRG source.  I was looking through old usenet stuff when I typed in something wrong, and came across people looking for GCC for the Tahoe running BSD. (



In article <>, bbadger@x102c (Badger BA 64810) writes:
 `We have a Harris HCX-9 computer, also known as a Tahoe, and we'd like to 
 `get gcc and g++ up and running.  I haven't seen anything refering to 
 `the HCX or any Tahoe machines in the gcc distribution.  Anyone have it?
 `Working on it?  Pointers to who might?  Know if Berkely cc/ld/asm is PD?


Turns out they were using Harris mini’s called the HCX-9.  That’s when I went back to the source and saw this:


machine        tahoe
cpu            "TAHOE"
ident          GENERIC


So if anyone else is wondering what was a Tahoe, did it exist, was there actual sales, is their pictures of it, etc, the answer is yes, it was a real machine, yes it was sold, and there are even print ads in Computer world.


I thought it was interesting though.



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