Aside from just legal matters there's also just the matters of ethics and responsibility. Of course, corporations aren't bastions of these principles, but playing within the lines in at least some fashion stands to put less strain on individual lines of contact and establishes good precedent on future-such goals. If some group were to be found to be incredibly lax with legal ramifications out of a perception that they didn't matter, that group is much less likely to be able to work through the proper channels in the times it does matter. That damage or not to perceptions in some ways could do more lethal damage to a historical effort than, say, legal red tape.

- Matt G.
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Call me naïve, but how would a foreign law be enforced in Australia?

I didn't know the site and people in charge of it were in Australia. Ignorant just assuming it all revolves around us. But I suppose some global firm could still cause trouble, especially since Australia is a party to the Berne convention.