IBM owned TCF and it was 100% screwed down into AIX.   The clean room team which did TNC used many of the ideas but tried to make it layered into 14 separate technologies so customer could pick and choose.   HP originally picked up the process technology but not the FS work.   DEC was the reverse.   Novell/Tandem took all it.  HP ended up with all the IP and in the end released it as FOSS.   Hence the OpenSSI project

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Clem Cole <> wrote:

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> >
> > > The ideas were recreated as 14 different technologies called Transparent
> > > Network Computing (TNC) that would end up in the FOSS community and added
> > > to Linux 2x kernel as: OpenSSI <>
> >
> > Am I wrong, or does nobody actually use this today? The
> > home page link from Wikipedia just seems to hang. And the files on the
> > SourceForge page are 5 years old.
> >
> I suspect not - it was done to 2.6 kernel and none of the changes were
> taken by Linus for 3x   Folks got discouraged and gave up

Ah, OK. Thanks for the info. On the one hand, two bad. On the other hand,
it looks like a real patchwork quilt of technologies...


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