Is Micro Focus now the owner of the System V license/code ?

On 03/15/2023 02:08 PM, Clem Cole wrote:

On Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 5:03 PM Warren Toomey via TUHS <> wrote:
I'm still worried about my legal butt :-(
Probably a good idea. 

But I'd be interested in the viewpoints of people here on the list.
The Ancient UNIX license does not release anything beyond V7 - as the document you have on the site ( says:

1.9 SUCCESSOR OPERATING SYSTEM means a SCO software offering that is (i) specifically designed for a 16-Bit computer, or (ii) the 32V version, and (iii) specifically excludes UNIX System V and successor operating systems.
SVR4 is by definition System V.