On Sun, Sep 29, 2019, 6:12 PM Brian L. Stuart <blstuart@bellsouth.net> wrote:
On Sunday, September 29, 2019, 5:54:24 PM EDT, Noel Chiappa <jnc@mercury.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:
> > From: "Brian L. Stuart"
> > (The tmg doc was one I remember not being there.)
> Err, TMG(VI) is 1/2 page long. Is that really what you were looking for?
> (I _did_ specify the 'UPM'.)

My bad. I missed that part. Wishful thinking had me
thinking it included the docs as well as the man pages.

> I do happen to have the V6-era TMG _manual_, if that's what you're looking
> for.

It's one of the items I haven't yet found from the 6th ed

https://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Distributions/Research/1972_stuff/tmg.pdf has an earlier version.

The M6 manual is another one that I didn't find.
So far, I haven't found a scan of the docs

Ebay number 113713199572 might be of interest.