Thank you!
This repository updates was stopped at Mar 2009 (but seems started from the beginning at Jun 2005).

P.S. Some commands i.e. `date` are very stable :)
No changes from the first release (and partial AT&T copyright inside)!

пт, 20 сент. 2019 г. в 12:06, Angus Robinson <>:
Would this help?

On Fri, 20 Sep 2019, 11:00 Alexander Voropay, <> wrote:

Is there a public OpenSolaris Git/CVS/SVN ?

The  site is down.

AFIK the first sources set (not complete) was published around June 2005.
The latest available sources were b135 March 2010
(available at TUHS)

It would be interesting to see an evolution of "pure" SysV R4.