I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to build and use BSD 1 on Research Unix v7 (pdp-11)?

I've installed the Keith Bostic tape, and I've been fighting the floating point and some other weird stuff....

I've configured my PDP-11 like this:

set cpu 11/70
set cpu 2M
set cpu idle
set rp0 rp06
att rp0 rp06-0.disk
att tm0 xx.tap
boot tm0

but I'm lost on the install guide, as it mentions for floating point...

Floating Point

     UNIX only supports (and really  expects  to  have)  the
FP11-B/C  floating  point  unit.   For machines without this
hardware, there is a user  subroutine  available  that  will
catch illegal instruction traps and interpret floating point
operations.  (See fptrap(3).) To install this subroutine  in
the  library,  change  to  /usr/src/libfpsim and execute the
shell files


The system as delivered does not have this code included  in
any  command, although the operating system adapts automati-
cally to the presence or absence of the FP11.

     Next, a floating-point version of  the  C  compiler  in
/usr/src/cmd/c should be compiled using the commands:

        cd /usr/src/cmd/c
        make fc1
        mv fc1 /lib/fc1

This allows programs with floating  point  constants  to  be
compiled.   To  compile floating point programs use the `-f'
flag to cc(1). This flag ensures  that  the  floating  point
interpreter is loaded with the program and that the floating
point version of `cc' is used.

The library doesn't actually build a libfpsim.a but rather it hooks into libc?  And the fc1 command won't build as there is no libfpsim....

Maybe I'm doing something obviously wrong?

Any hint would be appreciated.