Followup to compiling BSD2.11 w/Deqna

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Sat Dec 2 14:05:36 AEST 1995

Hello -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at>
> Subject: Followup to compiling BSD2.11 w/Deqna
> Uh, sorry... I rebuilt the unmodified GENERIC kernal. It also terminates
> abnormally, same point, same message. I'm going to sleep for a while
> and then go out and buy another Unix book. 

	That is strange.  The GENERIC kernel should build with no problems -
	efforts were made to keep the Make.* files in /sys/conf in sync with
	the GENERIC system.

	Alas, it sounds like I didn't keep the template Makefiles current
	enough ;-(

	I doubt there are any books out there that know anything about
	overlays - it's a a lost art from what I've seen.

	I'll follow up with a mini tutorial on how to build a kernel.  One
	note for now:  it is 99.999% certain that after configuring a
	non-GENERIC kernel you will get a size error from the linker and you
	will have to adjust the overlay layout in your kernel build directory.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

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