Followup to compiling BSD2.11 w/Deqna

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Mon Dec 4 05:30:55 AEST 1995

Hi Robin -

> From: Robin Birch <robin at>
> Hi Steve,
> The most recent version (Rev 280) will build GENERIC fine but previous ones
> didn't.  The makefile required tweaking.  Maybe all he needs is the last few
> patches.
	That is most likely what happened - I'd made some changes to the
	kernel just before creating the Rev 277 images (which is what was
	entered into Warren's archive) and didn't double check that the
	GENERIC kernel would build correctly.

	I don't believe I've mentioned it on this mailing list yet but the
	complete collection of 2.11BSD patches/updates are available via
	anonymous FTP to the host FTP.IIPO.GTEGSC.COM in the directory
	/pub/2.11BSD.  There have been 4 updates released recently: 278 thru 



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