Building BSD2.11 Huzzah! #2

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Mon Dec 4 16:06:03 AEST 1995

Greetings -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at>
>   In my earlier I asked a question about DZ vs. DZV11 support. I am
> glad to note that the distributed Kermit works quite happily on 
> /dev/tty0, the first line on the DZV-11.
>   I still can't log on to that line, but the night is young.

	You have to enable a getty on the port before you can log in on it.

	Edit /etc/ttys, adding if needed a tty00 line. There are numerous
	examples in the file - it should be pretty easy to figure out what
	to add or change.  Then you need to tell 'init' about the change
	by doing a "kill -HUP 1".

	NOTE:  ports are NOT bidirectional - if you're going to enable logins
	on a line you won't be able to kermit _out_.  And vice versa, if you're
	going to kermit out you'll need to disable logins on that line.  Yes
	it'd be nice to have bidirectional ports - but someone keeps stealing
	my copious supply of free time ;-)


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