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Bob Manners rjm at
Tue Dec 12 21:26:10 AEST 1995

I just thought I'd share a few more of my experiences with you in the
hope that they may help someone out....

Over the weekend, I finally succeeded in ftping Tapes/Torsten/v7.gz -
version 7 as an RL02 image. (International ftp to the UK is terrible
at present!).

I have no RL02, so I booted the image on Bob Supnic's pdp11 emulator,
built a kernel to support both RL and RK05 drives and set about
transferring the vital parts of the system to an RK05 image, with the
kernel source, games and other non-essentials going to a second
image. The two RK05 images are pretty full! 

I built kernels for the 11/40 (m40.o) and 11/34 (smch.o), to support
just the RK05, and added a second DL-11 as previously discussed on
this list. 

Kermiting the root image to an RK05 on my 11/34 was no trouble. My
11/34 will booth the m40.o image just fine, but the smch.o image
caused much disk activity, but no console output. Version 7 thus can
be persuaded to work on an 11/34a, with a single RK05. The second DL11
is recognised and works as expected. Version 7 seems significantly
slower than version 6, when multi-user mode is entered. 

Thus, I think I'd recommend version 6 for a small system ...




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