mknod device numbers

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Nov 21 08:19:41 AEST 1995

In atricle by Milo Velimirovic 31 Wing 785-8030:
> BTW, is there anywhere one can get a "legal license" to run V6, V7, 2.XBSD on  
> my pdp11/34's and 11/44?

Nobody, not even Dennis Ritchie, knows how to get a license for any of these.
Hopefully, when the Unix source finishes its current migration to SCO and HP,
we can ask them for an answer.

P.S Back from holidays, the machine died (out of swap)
on Saturday, and I've just rebooted her, so the mailing list is back up.
I've also moved 2.11BSD into the ftp archive on Thanks
to Steven Schultz for the copy.


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