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Robin Birch robin at
Thu Nov 23 17:55:16 AEST 1995

>   First, I want to complement you on the excellent docs for 2.11BSD.

Agreed, they are excellent, Steven did a wonderful job of continuing and
enhancing the docs that were completed for 2.10.  They originally enabled
me to do a complete install, never having done one for anything other than
RSX and with zero UNIX experience.  SO again, well done Steven.

>   Second, I want to flame the people at DEC who decided that the
>   TK-50 MUST have a directory of some sort, and that various commands
>   which will work with other mag-tape devices will NOT work on the
>   TK-50 (under RT-11).

Can you not write to the TK50 using system calls?.  What you need to do is to
write a utility that does "raw" byte by byte writes to the tape.  I can't 
believe that this can't be done.  If this can be done then images could be
written to the tape exactly as they appear on a standard 2.11 distribution
which could help you out.

Failing that, where are you?.  Could one of the people close by who have 2.11
cut you a TK50?.


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