v5, v6 on /34

Bob Manners rjm at swift.eng.ox.ac.uk
Wed Nov 29 20:55:58 AEST 1995

Having got past the emulator stage now (and having had my RK05 fitted
with new heads after a _spectacular_ crash), I've been setting to the
task of resurecting UNIX on the system.

Thanks to John Wilson's excellent KSERVE Kermit server for RT11 I've
been able to transfer v5 and v6 disk images to RK05. 

v6 boots just fine, and runs without any real drama. v5, much to my
suprise, does not ...

First off, my hardware is:

	11/34a (no fpp, no cache)
	124K word (248Kb) MOS
	2 x DL11-W 

	1 x RK05
	1 x RX01

v5 boots to the '@' prompt. Entering the kernel name at this prompt
(this is the kernel for the RK05, obviously), causes a great deal of
disk activity - far more than for v6, in fact. The disk activity
stops, but no login prompt is presented. The processor is not halted,
but is executing a relatively tight loop.

Under emulation (using Bob Supnic's pdp11 emulator), v6 ran fine, but
v5 caused TRAPS every so often. It occurs to me that the behaviour
I've seen on the real 11/34 corresponds to a trap observed using the
emulator. The emulator can be 'continued' after a trap and all is
well. Since the 11/34 doesn't actually halt, but merely sits in a
tight loop, I can't see how to proceed.

Question is, is what I'm seeing a kernel panic? Since nothing is
output to the tty, after the '@' prompt, it may be that the kernel
doesn't like the look of my DL11 configuration? Alternatively,
everything may be AOK, and running, except that no login prompt is
produced on the tty.

Interestingly UNIX causes a UNIBUS reset as it finishes booting. This
is evidenced by the clattering of the RX01.

Naturally it's not necessary for me to get v5 going, since v6 is fine,
but it would be extremely interesting to find out what is going on. v7
seems to give a great deal of TRAPs on the emualtor, so maybe that
would not like the real hardware either judging from current

What do people think about this?




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