Got Museum RK Format

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Jul 2 14:58:28 AEST 1996

	I browsed thru the blocks on my `Museum Format' v6 disk image,
and after a bit of work found a nice comment from the writers of the

 *      Optimized RK-11/RK03/RK05/disk driver
 *      Copyright (c) 1975, the Children's Museum.
 *		[...] In this
 *              format, block 0 is in its standard place so that
 *              boot programs can be put there; blocks 1 through
 *              NHRKBLK (2435) are located beginning at block #2436,
 *              all remaining blocks are between block 1 & 2435. the
 *              effect of this mapping is to centralize disk head motion
 *              about the center of the disk. 
 *              the optimization is ideal for those RK's
 *              which serve as both root device and swap device. It 
 *              is less than ideal, although probably still an 
 *              improvement over traditional form, for RK's used 
 *              exclusively as mounted file systems.

So, after a bit of dd(1)ing, I had my two Museum Format v6 disk images
into a form which could be read with a normal v6 system.


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