Old UNIX ftp archive - access ideas

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Fri Aug 1 14:33:26 AEST 1997

In article by Steven M. Schultz:
> > Make the archive available via FTP:
> 	Convenient but the management of "accounts" and S/Key or PGP keys
> 	could be a real logistic nightmare.
> 	Have you considered putting the archive on CDrom and shipping that
> 	upon receipt of a copy of the license?  Naturally there would be
> 	a modest fee for the media and shipping.
> 	Probably would want a "mirror" shipping office in the US.
> 	The reason I asked the "what will most folks want" question earlier
> 	was that perhaps folks only want a handful or a couple pieces.  CDrom
> 	writing is extremely simple (I think FreeBSD makes it harder or more
> 	complex than other systems though) - perhaps folks could, with the
> 	request for a CD specify which parts they want and a "custom" CD
> 	could be created.
> 	This approach does have its own set of problems but it does do away
> 	with network snooping, outages and breakins.  The archive could be 
> 	offline or encrypted with a key known only to you - if you needed to
> 	make something available you could decrypt a copy and make it available
> 	for a small timewindow.
> 	I know I'm planning on creating a few CDs to safeguard the stuff I've
> 	obtained so far - good (and cheap) protection against disk crashes
> 	and unreadable backup tapes.
> 	A variation on this scheme would be to master a CD with everything
> 	on it and let SCO send the CD out along with the license when 
> 	payment is received.  Hmmmm - I kinda like this the more I think
> 	about it.  Might even get some nice artwork (the BSD 'imp'?) on
> 	the cover.  I'm sure SCO gets a real good rate at the CD pressing
> 	plant so the media cost would be lower than an individual doing it
> 	on a CDwriter.

> 	Perhaps the online/FTP archive could be a backup or secondary
> 	means of distribution - if someone convinces you (or sends a copy
> 	of the license) they have the license but lost the media, etc you
> 	could set up a PGP encrypted account for them.

> 	Cheers.
> 	Steven

Yes, I'd thought about cutting a CD directly from the current archive,
and certainly having someone (SCO, me?) distribute files on CD would
make the administration a lot easier. I guess license holders could
buy `upgrade CDs' if the archive changes.

If SCO come to the src license party, I certainly will ask them about
pressing CDs and distributing them as part of the license sale.

Thanks for the input Steven!


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