George's PDP Tape in UK

George Coulouris George.Coulouris at
Fri Aug 22 01:49:53 AEST 1997

Dear Michael,

Many thanks for your offer. Sorry for the delay in replying. If you are
still willing I would like to take up your offer. If you will mail me your
physical mail address, I'll send you the tape. As far as I can remember the
tape is a UNIX tar archive, that should be readable on the VMS machine and
you could give the files back to me by ftp.

(I'm taking up your offer rather than Tim Bradshaw's because you seem to
have had more recent success with reading old tapes.

Thanks again,


At 9:39 am +0100 7/8/97, Michael Engel wrote:
 * >
 * We have a TU81+ 9 track tape connected to a VMS Alpha here. So, if you send
 * me the tape, I will try to read it. Worked perfectly some months ago for a
 * 10 yr. old tape from a DECsystem 10 ...
At 3:22 pm +0100 7/8/97, Tim Bradshaw wrote:

 * We have old-tape-reading-technology, so we could give it a try.  No
 * promises at all though (I have to turn the drive back on &c, and it's
 * not altogether clear that it will work, though it did last time I
 * tried it), asnd it will take me ages to get around to it, being very
 * inefficient...

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