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Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Fri Dec 5 13:30:01 AEST 1997

In article by Erin Corliss:
> On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Warren Toomey wrote:
> > Eric, I don't think this is going to work. The RK05 driver is in the
> > kernel, and it plays with the RK05 hardware registers. You aren't going
> > to be able to emulate these, as far as I can tell.
> I was looking at a disassembly of the boot sector on one of the disk
> images I downloaded and from what I could see the software talks to the
> hardware through memory addresses in the area of 177xxx, in a similar
> fashion to the way Apple II's and Amiga's talk to their hardware.  If I
> can get information about what addresses and values are used to control
> the RK05, I think it would be possible to gut out some non-essential part
> of the kernel, the tape drive controller for example, and replace it with
> code that sends and receives RK05 commands and data through the serial
> port.  I would then search through the kernel and replace all of the
> references to the RK05's registers to BSR's that went to appropriate
> places in my serial port routines....  I've performed similar kludging on
> PC's and Amigas, so I'm pretty certain I can manage it if I have the right
> information to start with.
> > If you tell us where you live, perhaps someone on the list might be
> > able to help you find an appropriate drive and disks for your 11/23+.
> That would be easier...
> Eugene, Oregon, USA
> > I do have some old ('74) spec sheets for the RK05 drives.
> Any chance I could get a peek?

Eric, I'll put you on the PUPS mailing list so you'll get any replies from
the other members. I'll try and scan in the RK05 docs and put them up via
ftp for you.


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