7th Edition on a real PDP-11/23+ (fwd)

Michael Engel engel at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Thu Jan 23 10:49:20 AEST 1997

> > Warren,
> > 
> >   I'm not sure if the PUPS members would be interested, but I have   
> > successfully been able to run the 7th Edition RL02 image that accompanies   
> > Bob Supniks emulator on a real PDP-11/23+.Jim Carpenter (jimc at zach1.tiac.net) 
> > deserves a special thanks for helping me work out a few problems in bringing
> > it up.  If any other members of the group are interested in doing the same I
> > would be happy to help.
> Bob, I'm cc'ing this reply to the mailing list so that the others will
> get a copy.
Great ! Finally gotta dig out that old RL02 drive ... How did you manage
to get the image onto the RL02 ?

> Secondly, I'm unsure of the copyright/legal status of the man pages.
> It would be good if they could be released publically. I might ask Bob
> Supnik if he has any ideas.
Some time ago, the 7th Edition man pages were available on 
http://plan9.att.com. This machine currently seems to be down, so I can't 
verify if the man pages are still there.

	Michael Engel	(engel at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de)

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