Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Wed Jul 2 10:21:15 AEST 1997

In atricle by crr at gil.com.au:
> Hello Warren,
> Just a short note to introduce myself, Colin Riddel is my name,
> I have just
> saved from the scrap heap a PDP11 / 34 with 2 RK5 drives 
> and about 20 disks.. unfortunately the former owners of the system
> wiped all contents from the disks. I would like to be able to 
> get a copy of UNIX for the PDP11, then fully restore the machime
> I would apreciate any information that you can give me on
> obtaining and setting up PDP unix on the beast
> I am a member of HUMBUG (home Unix machine Brisbane user group )
> and one of the system administrators at Global Info-Links (an ISP in
> Ipswich Qld) 
> Colin Riddel

Hi Colin, I saw you sign the petition, thanks. The problem is how to load the
software onto the box! There are RK05 disk images of UNIX (v6 and v7) at

But how do we get them into the box? Do you have any boot disks for any OS
(RSX, RT-11)? What about tape drives?

I'll pass this onto our mailing list, maybe some more knowledgeable readers
will be able to answer you. Alternatively, posting this to vmsnet.pdp-11
should get you an answers.


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