Another Old PDP-11 UNIX Tape

Warren Toomey wkt at
Wed Jul 16 09:38:59 AEST 1997

Hi all,
	I've just tracked down another old tape with PDP-11 Unix stuff on it.
It's in the UK.  Anybody there care to chat with George & extract the bits
from the tape so we can put it in the archive?

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	To: Warren Toomey <wkt at>
	From: George Coulouris <George.Coulouris at>
	Subject: Re: PDP-11 UNIX


I've had a 9-track tape reel in my bottom drawer for about 15 years. I no
longer remember what is on it! It may contain the source of 'em' and a few
other utilities that I wrote in the '70s. Unfortunately I have no
convenient way to read it. If you are interested, I could try to find
someone with a 9-track reel drive, or if you have one I could just
send the tape to you. I'd be happy to liase with anyone who is willing to
have a go at reading the tape.


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Also, the source code petition has now got 290 signatures. I haven't heard
anything from SCO since I passed it to them formally, except that they had
received it and it was being passed to `the right people'. I'll keep updating
the status page, hyperlinked to the petition itself, as things happen.

The petition's at Quite a
number of well-known people have signed. Both Andy Tan(n)enbaums, Steven
Schultz, Richard Tobin, Bill Joy, Henry Spencer, Neil Groundwater, Dave
Presotto, Andrew Hume, Peter Collinson, Greg Rose, Brian Redman, Peter
Honeyman, Megan Gentry, Jim McKie, Margo Seltzer, John Mashey, Peter Salus,
Ozalp Babaoglu, Keith Bostic, George Coulouris etc. Plus all the other
individuals who have shown support.


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