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David C. Jenner djenner at halcyon.com
Tue Oct 14 05:01:24 AEST 1997

I guess I forgot to respond to the VENIX side of this thread.  (I
followed up on the XENIX side!)

I have hardcopy docs for VENIX/11 and VENIX/86.  I have never seen
disks or a tape of either.  I would like to get ahold of a copy of
them.  I doubt they are on the net anywhere, but if anyone knows,
please let us know.

This is another situation where a 2nd party bought a license from AT&T
(like Microsoft did) for Version 7 and then customized it.  Although
AT&T (well, SCO really) may be willing to donate hobbyist rights, it's
doubtful that the second party (Microsoft, VentureCom) would be
willing.  VentureCom apparently OKayed the use of the PRO version of
VENIX by "hobbyists", but I don't think there is a paper trail to that
effect.  The one time I contacted VentureCom (who still exists but
doesn't support VENIX anymore), they didn't know what I was talking
about and were worried about copyrights.


Allison J Parent wrote:
> Dave,
> <I don't think John has it at ftp.dbit.com.  And I doubt that XENIX is
> <anywhere on the net.  I don't even know if there was a PDP-11 XENIX. (It
> <was originally MS, afterall.  They "sold" it to SCO way back, before SCO
> <collected everything else.)
> Your right, drain beth,  err brain death. Sometimes all those *nixs are the
> same to me.  Especially after configuring three vaxen for VMS and installing
> it.  I know heresy but, Netbsd has proven uninstallable here on all four
> systems.
> <DEC Pro350/380, which is, essentially, a PDP-11.  There was also a VENIX
> <for "real" PDP-11s.
> Well venix on the pro350 runs far better than POS!  In fact it's the only
> *nix running here as even slackware has had problems (bad CD!).
> That however is news! Is there a version of venix for "real" PDP-11s? on
> the net?
> Allison
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