Email from SCO

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Oct 14 09:39:57 AEST 1997

	Dion at SCO mailed me back straight away on the Unix src license
issue. Here's his email. Please treat this as `your eyes only'.

----- Forwarded message from Dion -----
I am still dickering with the legal folks in NJ. I fired another salvo
last Friday.  I may have to escalate back to the VP level to get
them off the dime.  Sorry it's taken so long.  The legal people
don't really know what is the ownership and rights issues for some
of those other versions of UNIX.  Also, they are reluctant on the 32V.

As for the PDP-11 XENIX, I will look into it.  However, the NJ
legal folks and I have had an understanding that we'd exclude
anything that was System III or later from the license.  Adding a
System III component into the mix will delay things.

I will try to have some news this week!
Thanks for your patience.
----- End of forwarded message from Dion -----

I replied saying I appreciated that the delays were elsewhere, that we'd
be happy with the V7-based versions of Xenix, SysIII and onwards can be
left out, but we really would like 32V for several reasons.

More updates as I receive them.


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