PUPS Mailing List - Now Majordomo

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Wed Sep 3 16:23:06 AEST 1997

	I've just moved the PUPS (old PDP-11 Unix) mailing list over
to run under MajorDomo. I'm still learning MajorDomo, so there might be
some teething troubles.

The new list is called:

	pups at minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au

Can you update any aliases that point to this list. I will keep the original
/etc/aliases mailing list	oldunix at cs.adfa.oz.au	around for a while
until I'm sure the new one works fine.

As with MajorDomo, you can send messages to get off the mailing list.

Please let me know of any problems.

Updates: SCO Petition, CD-R writers etc.

Ok, we're still chatting with SCO. I got a summary of internal mail which
shows that there are 2 sides in SCO, those who think it's a good idea (PR-wise
at least) and those who can't see the point & who think it's a can of worms.

I feel that the people on our side are winning. I've been trying to explain
the history of some of the UNIX flavours to their legal eagle, who must know
recent history only. I think we can iron things out.

Several people from Europe & the US said that they had access to a CD-R
writer, & could write CDs, if that became the distribution method for
passing on the PUPS archive.

I will probably go buy a new X-Gig disk to give the archive a proper FTP
home. I've come up with a new archive layout & will pass it on to you all
for comments. Anyway, it looks like progress is being made & we should be
able to buy personal UNIX licenses soon :-).

More updates to the list as things happen. Thanks for your suport!!

	Warren	wkt at cs.adfa.oz.au

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