SysIII UNIX for PDP-11

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Sep 11 11:08:51 AEST 1997

[Robert has got a copy of System II for PDP-11 on tapes]

> If I had a way to copy the tapes, I would have no problem and i'm not
> even sure what is exactly on the tapes or if they are still good as I've
> never really used them as the Unix III was already loaded on disks when I
> got them PDP-11/34 from Bell Labs.
> (The sytem was used here in Bell Labs here in Indianapolis, IN to help
> develope the first speech recognition system and I still have most of
> the software "somehwere" on RL01/02 packs, so I'm kinda attached to the
> tapes.)
> And, I have a gentleman here that is going to come pick up all my PDP
> stuff in the next month or so for a computer museum he is putting together.
> So, if you can copy the tapes, I might be talked in to releasing the
> tapes to you for copying for a good cause.

Robert, I forgot to cc my reply to the others on the PUPS mailing list.
Would anybody in the US be able to look at Robert's tapes to see if we
can recover System III? John Holden just donated System V to the PUPS
archive, so System III would also be a good addition.

Please email to Robert & the mailing list if you are willing to look at
the tapes.

Thanks in advance,


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