Bootstrap Idea

Allison J Parent allisonp at
Fri Sep 12 12:43:28 AEST 1997


<Allison, you got a copy? I emailed Dan Ts'o to get a copy, but haven't hear
<back from him yet.

I got it off the net in one of the archive sites. I have the sources (in C)
for it.

<The early Unixes didn't have a concept of bad blocks. This will always
<be a pain.

Not true.  They all did as bad blocks have been a fact of life for all 
computers since day one.  Some of the ealy unixes used crude methods
from a perfomance standoint but, the bad block replacement was there.

Do read LIONS commentary.  I was able to get a copy from the local library
here in eastern MA (USA) along with several books on BSD design.  Unix was 
really ahead of the pack on many things. 


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