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Sun Sep 14 04:09:43 AEST 1997

>Not true.  They all did as bad blocks have been a fact of life for all 
>computers since day one.  Some of the ealy unixes used crude methods
>from a perfomance standoint but, the bad block replacement was there.

Well, not day one, but that come pretty early. Quality of the magnetic
media wasn't really that good back then, so you usually *had* to
expect a few bad spots on any disk.

On PDP-11's, I would supect that Unix went with DEC's BAD144 standard
pretty fast. (When did that standard come, btw?)

>Do read LIONS commentary.  I was able to get a copy from the local library
>here in eastern MA (USA) along with several books on BSD design.  Unix was 
>really ahead of the pack on many things. 

Not to be a pain in the ass or so, but in what ways was Unix ahead of

Unix was just a small hack inspired by Multics, and looking at contemporary
operating systems, I'd say there were some that were way ahead of Unix (and
still are...)

Operating systems in the last twenty years have really retro-developed. :-)


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