UNIX for PDP-11: moving on to media

Johnny Billquist bqt at minsk.docs.uu.se
Sun Sep 14 08:49:54 AEST 1997

><Most RL02 are pretty good. Usually they don't have any bad spots in my
>They were low in defects<frequently none> but there was remaping so platters 
>with bad blocks were invisible to the system mangler/user.  I just tossed a 
>pack that had developed more bad blocks then could be managed.

No exacly invisible... The operating system had to be aware of the bad spots,
and invent some scheme or other to hide the spots from the user.

OS/8's solution is rather hairy. I know, since I didn't have a "formatter"
program, so I needed to write one, given the source of the device driver...

Bad spots on MSCP disks on the other hand are totally invisible.


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