The Unix Society

Warren Toomey wkt at
Mon Aug 3 09:35:17 AEST 1998

In article by Greg Lehey:
> > Hmm. Looks like we need a larger umbrella group which caters for the
> > preservation, use and development of all Unix varieties past and present.
> > I nominate the name   The Unix Society ...
> > Comments on the suggestion of `The Unix Society' as a name? I'm avoiding
> > using UNIX as it's a trademark, and it's an adjective.
> I find the spelling "Unix" looks like the kind of mistake that
> people make when they're not aware of these niceties, so I'd prefer
> not to use it.
> More generally, though, there's nothing in the name that suggests
> anything to do with the history of the system.  For all it says to the
> outside world, it's a new competitor to USENIX.

Hmm, I don't like the all-caps UNIX, looks ugly. This is probably a taste
thing. I wanted to avoid the word `preservation', as people like Steven, 
Michael and others are still maintaining, using and developing these systems.

We need a sub-committee to come up with a new name :-) My next suggestion is
/The UNIX Heritage Society/i


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