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Mon Aug 3 14:04:19 AEST 1998

In article by Greg Lehey:
	Michael writes:
> >    No, no, PLEASE get rid of that "preservation" stigma. It's like a brand
> > on a slave, a constant reminder of limits and constraints. Terms like
> > "preservation", "historical", "heritage", "primordial", "ancient", etc. all
> > suggest something of purely historical value. This is EXTREMELY insulting
> > to those of us for whom True UNIX(R) is the ONLY multiuser operating
> > system.
> I would have a problem being a "Patriot".
> Greg

Heritage means: that which may be inherited. I think this is appropriate,
as we have all inherited a wonderful system from Ken and Dennis. In fact,
we've inherited the UNIX paradigm, which influences the way we think.

My dictionary says a patriot is one who is zealous for his country's
freedom or rights, and a zealot is an uncompromising or extreme partisan
or fanatic.

I would also have a problem being a "Patriot". If I was uncompromising,
we would have no cheap SCO license. I don't think we need to retro-fit a
name into the PUPS acronym.

I'm still in favour of The UNIX Heritage Society.

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