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Mon Aug 3 23:11:02 AEST 1998

< Heritage means: that which may be inherited. I think this is appropriate

Heritiage is generally historical in context be it previous or present 
tense for the future.

Preservation in teh case of PDP-11 (and otehr 16bit) was needed or it may 
have been lost.  One assumes the license grantors actually have complete 
sources.  In the case of at least on other OS they had the license but 
little of the code.

< as we have all inherited a wonderful system from Ken and Dennis. In fact
< we've inherited the UNIX paradigm, which influences the way we think.


The key here is there are two types of OSs, retired(not commercially 
viable or no support) and those that have commercial value.  

Let us not forget Mike is trying to develop a commercially viable OS 
that is not free or shareware.

Also by and large Mike is in the process of doing what other call 
archeology.  One must resore and understand the structure before building
upon it.

The patriot stuff, pure poof.


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