A Decision :-)

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Wed Aug 5 09:11:53 AEST 1998

Ok, here's the decision (for now). The PUPS mailing list now has the working
name: The UNIX Heritage Society. The email address will stay the same for
now. The mailing list topics are controlled by its members, so feel free to
chat about PDP-11 UNIX, 32-bit UNIX, Unix derived systems, your cat (well,
maybe not). I'm happy for chat about systems which don't require UNIX source
licences, too.

Many people should set up web pages to cover their own particular interest.
Mine's at http://minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au/PUPS/
Someone (me?) will set up a web page describing the charter of The UNIX
Heritage Society, with pointers to everybody's web page.

If the mailing list becomes too diverse, then people are free to set up
other mailing lists with more restricted topics. Again, I'll add hyperlinks
on the The UNIX Heritage Society web page to the mailing lists.

Suggestions for a better name then `The UNIX Heritage Society' can be mailed
to me :-) Suggestions for the charter of `The UNIX Heritage Society', or
whatever you want to call it, can also be sent to me. I'll add hyperlinks
on the The UNIX Heritage Society web page for each suggestion.

I'd rather this thing be all-inclusive, rather then exclusive. At the same
time, I want people to feel free to set up web/mail resources with more
specific aims. For example, the PUPS web pages are going to stay unchanged.

Now, as Tim suggested, let's stop going round in circles and actually
get back to DOING things :-)

Cheers all,

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