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Kees Stravers pb0aia at iaehv.nl
Thu Aug 6 01:11:21 AEST 1998

pups at minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au said on  Wed, 5 Aug 1998 02:13:48 +0200 (CEST)
 wk>The zeroth version of a web page for this all-encompassing group
 wk>thingy to cover all Unix preservation/development etc is now at:
 wk>Feel free (if not compelled) to mail me with suggestions,
 wk>hyperlinks, background artwork etc. Michael, would you be able to
 wk>knock up a VAX UNIX web page so I could add a hyperlink to it?

Maybe I can help (a little). At this moment I am building a site dedicated
to the VAX and its operating systems, mostly concentrating on hardware
info and NetBSD for now, but I also have a links page to a lot of information 
on BSD and generic Unix, and there is a PDP11 links page. I am on this
mailing list because I have several MicroPDP's here, and I want to run
2.11 on them, but at the time I am tinkering with the VAXen more often. 
(Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to request the licence from SCO,
but that won't take too long anymore.)

The site I am building is at http://vaxarchive.ml.org

I would like to mirror the Unix heritage information on this site,
there is room for some more files. Please take a look at my site and
let me know what information you think should be there too that I missed,
so I can make the site more complete.



Kees Stravers - Geldrop, The Netherlands - pb0aia at amsat dot org
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http://www.iae.nl/users/kees/vax/ - My VAX and old iron collection

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