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On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Allison J Parent wrote:

> < Then start MAKING them! Our great nation of Workers and Peasants has the
> < military technology in the world! Let's show those bloodsucking capitali
> < that we can make PDP-11s and VAXen better than they ever could!
> They never stopped making them.  Mentec has some really fast 11s.

(Maybe it's time to drop out of PUPS, Sokolov is here, and for me, I'm not
into big old Unix, only pdp-11 stuff...)

Anyway, to make the list more complete, Quickware makes even faster
pdp-11s last time I looked, and a third player is Strobe Data. So there
are still lots of go in the pdp-11 community, I'll bet it will outlive the

> Mike, take a prozac and chill.  It's all that capitalism that is making 
> all of those old PDP-11s and such available in the first place.  This 
> place is for unix and it's heirs and relations not political ranting.
> We can argue better, first, cleanest, purity after we have captured the 
> code and preserved it from loss.



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