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Tim Shoppa shoppa at
Sat Feb 28 14:17:37 AEST 1998

> > 	I think a CD is a good way to go - it can be used as the 'baseline'.
> > 	The updates to 2.11 are publically available via FTP at either
> > 	FTP.IIPO.GTEGSC.COM or MOE.2BSD.COM.  Once a system is loaded from CD
> > 	then only those patches later than the CD need to be retrieved and
> > 	applied.
> Well, yes, but what are the economics of making a couple of hundred
> CD-ROMs and then having to download possibly years of additional stuff
> to be up to date?

You might remember Ralph Cramden, from the _Honeymooners_, claiming that
he was going to wait for 3-D TV before he bought one.

What are you going to do - wait until Steven dies (I swear he'll be releasing
updates to 2BSD for the rest of his life) before making a CD?

Incidentally, a couple of weeks ago I made a nice bootable Iomega ZIP
cartridge with the current 2.11 generic kernel and everything in /usr.  It all
barely fits in the 100 Mbytes (well, 3*65536*512 bytes) available, and
it's a hell of a lot more convenient for installs on Unibus and Q-bus
-11's with SCSI host adapters than the traditional tape distribution.

It's also worth pointing out that on the Q-bus SCSI host adapters that I
have - the CMD CQD440, the Emulex UC08, and the Andromeda SCDC - bootable
CD-ROM distributions are entirely possible.  I'm not sure if 2.11BSD will
boot from a read-only device - Steven, have you tried this? 

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