That RL02 blues.

Beastly Wolf beast at
Sat Feb 28 22:55:25 AEST 1998

I am trying to install an RLV12 and an RL02 drive under ULTRIX so that I
can generate RL02 disks from the emulator software in the PUPS software 
library. The ultimate goal is to have a machine where one can copy bootable
systems to people who do not have any vintage UNIX but have the hardware.
There sure is a great fat wall to bump into here....

First try was a uVAX-II that is a part of my collection of vintage
This rig runs Ultrix 4.2 (with updates).
Here is the system messages when booting the GENERIC kernel:

Loading (a) vmunix ...
text = 719932
data = 116224
bss = 398512
starting at 0xc19
ULTRIX V4.2 (Rev. 96) System#1: Mon Feb 23 13:40:07 EST 1998
real mem  = 7335936
avail mem = 4779008
using 179 buffers containing 733184 bytes of memory.
MicroVAX-II with an fpu
Q22 bus
uda0 at uba0
uq0 at uda0 csr 172150 vec 774 ipl 17
vvv****The RL02 driver!***vvv
hl0 at uba0 csr 174400 didn't interrupt
hl0 at uba0 csr 174400 didn't interrupt 
^^^***(Observe! Twice! The darn thing at least pretends to try..)***^^^
klesiu0 at uba0
uq6 at klesiu0 and so on.
The system then successfully loads uq16, dz0, ra0 and tms0.

This is what I did so far:
1) I made a system configuration file containing only the devices I got plus
hl0 (that is the RL02 driver).
Same effect as above.
2) To rule out that this was something in hardware I built an entire new
machine from scratch using spare parts. Not ONE thing was used from the
original system. I also installed ULTRIX 4.0 to be sure.
Guess what...
When booting the GENERIC kernel, the same thing occured.
During all test:
The RL02-drive(s) were spun up with a scratch disk in them.
On both systems they were set as drive 0 and had terminators.


When trying to reach the disk by make-ing a file system on it, the system 
snorts at me telling me to go and fly a kite. Watch this:
# newfs /dev/rrl0a rl02
newfs: /dev/rrl0a: cannot open to read partition table: No such device or 
newfs: /dev/rrl0a: cannot open: No such device or address

However, the device files are in place. System just can not find the
board. =/

Any clue anybody? (I know that this is tedious for you all but it is for
a good cause, okay? )

/Lars Persson

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