Recovering old UNIX manuals

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Mon Jul 13 23:44:42 AEST 1998

> All,
> 	I'm forwarding on Norman's e-mail describing his efforts at
> converting his paper-only copies of the early UNIX manuals back into
> machine-readable format.
> 	Warren
> norman at writes:
> > The first pass of markup is all done on chapter I of 5e, which is
> > all I have scanned so far.  It is tempting to forge ahead on the
> > text extracted from Dennis's 1e, but I hope to discipline myself
> > to finish some surrounding documentation and tools.  On each front,
> > right now there is:

On a similar bent, I have been working on roffing Dennis' V1 manuals,
using the earliest roff I could still find some sort of source to.
It is one that was popular in the early CP/M days, that also found
its way into dos and unix.  How true to the original it is, I dunno,
but it works.  They are about 2/3 done, maybe, but my time to get them
done is not as much as I would like.

What should I do with them once they are done?  I was thinking of just
sending the source/output back to Dennis, but if it is OK to put them in
in the PUPS archives, I can bounce them to Warren.

Thanks to Dennis Ritchie for making them available.

Bob Keys

p.s.  You know, with all this html thingie, whatever happened to just
      a real roff/nroff/troff output?  It is only ascii.  Why html?
      Just curious as to why/wherefore/etc.

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