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Hi All!

> From: msokolov at blackwidow.SOML.CWRU.Edu (Michael Sokolov)

>I'm also a little troubled by the word "preservation". This word suggests the
>group acknowledges that these systems are "old" or "historical". 4.3BSD is
>being _ACTIVELY WORKED ON_ (by me) as I type, and I have been under the
>impression that 2.11BSD is also being actively worked on by Steven M. Schults.
>Sure, these systems WILL be "old" or "historical" if we just sit and "preserve"
>them, but IMHO this is NOT what we should do. We should look and act and behave
>AS IF these systems were brand new. I.e, run them in production on the net
>competing with Pentiums and SPARCs, and actually MAKE thse systems new by doing
>active development work on the sources just like the dev teams for "new" OSes
>do. If we can't build a time machine, let's shut all doors and windows and
>create a 1980s world inside!

Absolutely right! The only problem with it that old CPUs are
seems to be slowly vaporizing... I spent about ten years searching
until I finally got original Digital PDP-11 here in Uzbekistan (xUSSR) !
And I succeeded only because I started working for Digital here.


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