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Hi -

> From shoppa at Sat Feb 28 20:45:54 1998
> Both a Webster ESDC (1 Megabyte cache, Hitachi DK512-12 ESDI drive) and
> an Andromeda SCDC (2 Mbyte cache connected to many SCSI devices, including an

	I tracked down an address and phone number for Andromeda Systems - they
	are real close to me (in fact I drive by them every visit to Fry's ;-))

    Andromeda Systems, Inc.
    9000 Eton Avenue
    Canoga Park, CA 91304

    818-709-7600 (voice)
    818-709-7407 (FAX)

	No mention of a WWW site though.  I'd imagine their boards, while
	very good, are quite expensive.  As much as I'd like a Zip drive
	on the 11/93 I can't see spending US$1-2k for a $139 disk drive :-)

> 2.  "find /usr -print > /dev/null" took 166.4 seconds on the WQESD+Hitachi
>     and 165.0 seconds on the SCDC+ZIP.

	WOW.  That is quite surprising.

> Steven was expecting to see a substantial hit due to the ZIP's access time,

	Quite so.  Especially on the 'find' which is almost pure 'seek' 

	Wasn't there mention somewhere of a 200mb Zip?  I know there's the
	2gb Jaz drive now but haven't heard anymore about a larger Zip.  On
	the other hand there is the Syquest product line - they've a 135mb
	"zip like" (but not compatible) drive.


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